How to apply thermal paste

How to apply thermal paste in electronics

First, a couple of words about what is the correct application and what it is expressed in:

The layer should be applied evenly over the entire contact surface of the cooling system cooler with the processor (or other chip);
The layer should be, conditionally, as thin as possible;
The layer must be integral, i.e. without tears, naked spots from the paste, etc., etc.
As you understand, this can not always be achieved quickly and easily. If you do not know how;)

What will be required
To understand how to apply thermal paste properly we need nothing more, namely:

Tube with thermal paste (you can choose any, even the cheapest;
Plain plastic card (discount, credit card or some other)
Actually, the surface on which we will apply this paste (in my example it’s a processor);
Preferably a napkin or a cloth.
Now you can start the process.

How to apply thermal grease correctly – practice
We take a tube with paste and squeeze it, straight line from edge to edge, on the surface of the processor with one of its sides.

Keep in mind that you do not have to try very hard to make a thin line, but you do not need to expand it too much.

In the first case, up to the end of the processor, thermal pads can not be enough, and in the second layer it will turn out to be too thick.

Next, we take the card and tighten the edge tightly (not all, namely the edge, ie so that the card bends in your hands) to the surface of the processor behind the paste (there, as you can see from the photo above, left a little place) one movement, without losing the force of pressure, smear paste from left to right:

The result, as a rule, immediately turns out to be ideal. If not, you can either repeat the process again (after removing the thermal paste, see below), or gently trim the tears by smearing the areas nearby, or repeat the process again.

To create a more even and thin layer, you can go through the card on the surface several times.

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