Computer Motherboard: what and why?

Honestly, the author of these lines likes to write iron articles, because they always turn out to be rich, voluminous and very useful, however, to judge you and make you this will be further in the text.

I want to start a story with one philistine conversation between two “system makers”. So, there are some two peppers and one says: “My mother died yesterday, I took out my brains, replaced it and everything began to fly.” To the casual listener it may seem that people are carrying some kind of nonsense and call the police how can such a thing be said at all? However, after thinking, you understand that two administrators met and they talk about the motherboard, that in the common people they call the “mother”. Actually, the last, as you already understood, this article is devoted to.

Motherboard (motherboard / system board), – alpha and omega of any personal computer. It is on it are all the vital components necessary to “breathe” life into your computer. The motherboard is a skeleton, to which everything else is attached, and therefore, if it is initially shaky, then the output is “so-so man” (weak comp). Therefore, if you want to have a competitive machine for a long time, it is very important to be able to correctly choose and understand all the insides of the motherboard. This we also have to do next.

I think you are aware that the PC is a complex of many components, each with its own roles and functions. So, the mission of the motherboard is to establish interaction (dialogue) between a huge number of different computer modules. It is from her characteristics that the vitality of your iron horse depends, i.e. how long he can adequately (without lags and brakes) pull his strap.

The peculiarities of the motherboard (MP) include the fact that it:

It allows very different variations of various components (the principle of complement and interchangeability);
Supports one type of processor and several types of memory;
To work properly and together MP, enclosures and power supplies, they must be compatible.
It is also necessary to know that motherboards are, conditionally, of two kinds (although, as a rule, they have already made combos from these two for a long time)

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